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Almost time to Grab those Skis!!!!


Yes, it is about that time of the year again. Time for all of you “snow bunnies and hot doggers” to get your plans together and get ready for the slopes of WHITEFACE. What better time to prepare for the upcoming ski season than to partake in all of the great packages that we have to offer. Believe me these are some packages that you do not want to miss!


MS. DEAL MAKER throwing on her scarf and mittens and swooshing some great ski packages for the upcoming season. (Yeah! I know what you are thinking. Already?) Ski season is just around the corner and now is the time to get in on some of the packages before they are gone.

There is the EARLY SEASON MIDWEEK ESCAPE package which is great for anyone who wants to get out on the slopes before the hustle and bustle of the holidays are upon us. This package includes a night stay in a deluxe guest room, an all access ski pass to Whiteface Mountain and if that was not enough a hot piping breakfast in the morning! You can experience all of this for $85 per person! (WOW! I even impress myself and that takes a lot..haha.)


Flipping over to the height of the season when inches and inches and inches of snow is falling, I have a great package for all of you midweek travelers called IN-SEASON MIDWEEK ESCAPE. For $99 per person you can receive all of the same great things as in the early season ski package. (Sorry, still working on the weekends). For further info about these packages and the other great ski packages, please visit

What is everyone waiting for? Pick up that phone today and enjoy all of the excitement of a comfy room and great day of skiing! You will be glad you did. Do not forget to visit for all trail and weather updates. Time for this snow bunny to scaddle and I hope to see you all very soon on the slopes. Toodles!!

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