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Very exciting as we approach this upcoming ski and winter season! WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN has offically announced that they have started making snow as of a few days ago. Already trails are getting covered with that ever so popular powder. RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER is so excited that the 08′-09′ ski season is almost here.

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From the snow gods that are the people at Whiteface, have announced that the official opening of some of their trails will be this coming Thanksgiving Weekend. To be further exact, the opening will be Friday November 28th. (Alright time to strap on the skis and swoosh down the slopes…hopefully this boy will keep his head out of the snow!!!) This plans on being an exciting year as the new LOOKOUT MOUNTAIN will boast three new trails. Now everyone that is definetely reason to cheer for the ever expanding mountain.

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Anyone has any exciting stories about your experience at Whiteface, please jot them down them down on our GUESTBOOK.

So, what is everyone waiting for? It is time to book those reservations for this winter season and partake in all the great snow and skiing that Whiteface and Lake Placid has to offer. Do not forget about the great ski packages that our resort is offering. Time to pack up the bags and head over to the mountain to see all the great snow making action. See you there!!!

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