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Lots of Holiday Activities


Now that you have decked the halls and spent the hustle and bustle of the holiday season shopping. It is time to head over to Lake Placid this week to enjoy in all of the festivities.

bobsled_4man skijump_whiteface

RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER alive and well in Lake Placid and headed to many different Olympic attractions to check out all the excitement. From hockey to ski jumping and yes even bobsledding, there are many different events to check out this upcoming week. Even though old mother nature is a little out of whack with all the different weather, it is still a good time to partake in these activities.

To start off with, the entire week of December 26th until January 1st there is exciting women’s hockey action at the Olympic Center in the Herb Brooks Arena. It is the USA WOMEN’S HOCKEY HOLIDAY CAMP! The USA team will practicing and showcasing their puck skills all week long. Defintely a must see as the Olympics are just a little over a year away. If that does not tickle your fancy, then on December 29th head over to the Olympic Jumping Complex where the NEW YEAR’S MASTERS SKI JUMP competition will be held. Watching these high soaring daredevils show off their great jumping skills on to the hard snow surface. (You will not catch this boy on the skis, ouch if you land on your bottom). Then to finish off this exciting week, on January 2nd to the 4th, drive on over to the Bobsled and Luge Track where some great Bobsledding action will be taking place. 4TH ANNUAL WHELEN GEOFF BODINE BOBSLED CHALLENGE will be kicking off with some exciting NASCAR drivers taking their driving skills to the ice. It has been a great event for a few years and something that you will not want to miss!!!

Who needs snow with all the great events in Lake Placid! I expect each and everyone of you in the Adirondacks this week and enjoying this action. This boy is off and I wish everyone a great New Year.

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