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AVAST YE! Gondola Cruise on Mirror Lake


Romantic and Fun, our Adirondack Gondola is perfect for giving unique style to your occasion. The Gondola has a CD player which fills the air with enchanting music. If you have a favorite CD, the gondolier will be happy to play it for you. On occasion, our gondoliers have been known to sing along. So be surprised!

FRUIT AND CHEESE PLATTER – Please call in advance to arrange your platter.

MESSAGE IN A BOTTLE- Great for proposals, anniversaries, birthdays or just because.
We will print any message on parchment paper, roll it into a scroll, tie it with red ribbon and drop it into a wine bottle. Sometime during your cruise, your gondolier will present it to your loved one, he or she notices something inside, tugs on the ribbon – out pops the cork and your beautiful message! It is an 8 1/2 X 11 (frameable) scroll so it can be framed for memories. – Advanced notice required.

WATER TAXI – One way trips to any dock on Mirror Lake.

Reservations are recommended. Please check our lobby bulletin or email us at for cruise scheduling updates.

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