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Yes, A Weekend Ski Package



You asked for it and now we are finally going to bring it to you! After many inquiries about a weekend ski package, it has finally became a reality. MS. DEAL MAKER here has been thinking long and hard about this package (yes the smoke was grinding out of my ears…tee-hee) and finally came up with a comporable ski package that everyone can enjoy. This package is available for the weekends only and I am sure that all of you hotdoggers and snow bunnies will want to take advantage.


This Weekend Ski and Stay Package is at a rate of $229 per person. It includes a Two Night Deluxe Lodging, a One Day Ski Pass for each individual to Whiteface Mountain and a Hot Piping Breakfast one morning at our relaxing Charlie’s Restaurant (be sure to say OHH! LA LA to Madame Cuisine) or a quick bagel and coffee across the street at Soulshine Bagel. If you feel one day of skiing is not enough for an additional $40 per person you can pick up an additional lift ticket and breakfast!!

Definetely time to head to Lake Placid and swoosh down the slopes and partake in this awesome package. Please do not forget about our Add-On Cross Country Packages for all of the non downhill skiers. Time for this gal to throw her skis on and chase down MR. FIX-IT, heard he was at the mountain today…hehe. Toodles!!!

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