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Green Efforts in Carbon Dixoide Emissions



CINDY YOUR EFQ buzzing with excitement from all of the great news from the ADIRONDACK COUNCIL. I am so proud to announce that in the month of December alone our eco-friendly resort has retired 132 tons of carbon dioxide emissions from Regional Power Plants. This was almost one third more from our original goal. This is our way to make all of our guests and the public understand that you can really help make a difference. (Oh the greenness is coursing through my veins….and cannot wait to continue with all these “green” efforts).


We worked jointly with the Adirondack Council and their Cool Park/Healthy Planet Carbon Retirement Program. This was developed to prevent thousands of tons of carbon dioxide from being emitted by power plants from Maine to Delaware.

Here is a quote from our very own Jennifer Holderied owner of the Golden Arrow that I feel must be shared. “We were so grateful to be able to work with the Adirondack Council again and take advantage of this program.” “What was really great is that for Christmas, our staff surprised us and retired 6 tons of carbon in our family’s name. It is rewarding to see we are all on the same page when it comes to sustainability.” Thank you so much Jenn for those kind and motivating words. (I am so glad that you are on the environment’s side and for that I am going to kiss the very earth we walk on…figuratively speaking…lol).

Before this green gal scadaddles… I want to mention that we have made a donation of $1100 to the Cool Park/ Healthy Planet Carbon Retirement Program. (way to go team!!!) Well, time for me to hit the road and spread more green efforts. Bye!!!

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