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Empire State Games and More


Getting ready for that family vacation in Lake Placid and wondering “Okay not what are we going to do?” On top of all the great skiing and other winter activites in the area, there is still many events to keep all of you having a grand time!


RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER here to bring you even more events coming up in a few days in this quaint Lake Placid resort town. A tradition on the final weekend of President’s Holiday week is the EMPIRE STATE GAMES. This year will be the 29th year for this event. It will take place on Saturday February 21st and Sunday February 22nd. Bringing young and older athletes from all over New York State to participate in an array of winter sports. From pristine figure skating (my fav), to bobsled, luge and skeleton (ouch head first), alpine downhill skiing, ski jumping and Speed Skating, not to mention much more (whew! out of breath thinking of all of this fun). I am sure you will find the perfect venue to tickle that excitement bone. These take place at the Verizon Sports Complex, Ski Jumping Complex and the Olympic Center.


If that was not enough, we have got some more exciting World Cup action taking place at the Bobsled and Luge track. From February 20th until March 1st, the best bobsledders and skeleton athletes go after the world titles and participate in the FIBT Bobsled & Skeleton World Championships.
The top sliders from across the globe come to Lake Placid’s infamous track with hopes of winning the world championship title. The athletes compete in men’s 2-man and 4-man bobsled, women’s bobsled, and men’s and women’s skeleton. Come check out these sliders as many hope to compete in the 2010 Olympics. Who knows you might spot your favorite before the Olympics? Maybe, I could be one of them, yah right, as if that would happen…lol.

Yes, Lake Placid is the place to be this coming weekend and if you have not gotten your accommodations in Lake Placid, what are you waiting for?.Do not forget to visit Mike Arnold our Dog Sleddler with his Huskies right out our front door on Mirror Lake.(10am-5pm) They will be howling with excitement. Time this reporter hits the ole ice! Everyone have a great weekend and do not hit the ice to hard because it is very unforgiving!!!

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