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Still Time for Great Skiing


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The Ides of March are just around the corner and I know for a lot of you out there that means Spring is on the way. But hey do not forget Lake Placid is the perfect Winter Wonderland and there is great skiing and other winter activities through out the month of March. So, do not break out those spring clothes, yet, brrr….that would be cold on the slopes. (Snow making is always going on at Whiteface Mountain).

MS. DEALMAKER wanting to strongly suggest it is time to make that last minute Lake Placid ski vacation. The Golden Arrow Resort has the perfect package for any occassion. (if I do not have it…well bust my buttons I will try and get it just for your needs). We have our Ski Packages that range from downhill skiing at Whiteface Mountain to Cross Country skiing at Mt. Van Hovenberg or Cascade Center. Do not forget the superb Olympic Attractions in the area that are still open in the month of March.

HMMMMMM!!!! Still not hearing that phone ring! I thought you understood that winter season is still upon us and do not put those skis away. Okay! I will trust that you will heave my advice and contact us today to enjoy your Lake Placid Winter Adventure. I am off to drag MR. FIX-IT for a romantic dog sled ride (he does even know that we are going…lol). Wish me luck!!!

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