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NCAA Men's Ice Hockey


Okay! Hockey fans of all ages! Lets get ready to rumble! Have I got some exciting hockey action that is headed to the Lake Placid area in the Herb Brooks Arena. There will be sticks and pucks slapping the ice (maybe a few teeth as well..ouch), as some very talented college men take the ice. This should be a great adventure in Lake Placid that any hockey guru would enjoy.

ncaa hoc1

RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER has been taking a little sabatical from all the events from February and ready to take to the Ice in the Olympic Center (my feet needed the must rest from Feb. my blisters were getting Anyway, back to the reason we are here, great hockey action. Lake Placid is hosting the 2009 NCAA DIVISION III MEN’S HOCKEY CHAMPIONSHIPS. This event will be taking place Friday March 20th and Saturday March 21st inside the Lake Placid Olympic Center. As the teams are still preparing for who is going to be the Final 4, I will not have any information for at least another week on these chosen teams. But rest assured as soon as I know, all of my peeps out there will be informed. While you are waiting check out this Youtube link of the NCAA championships.

Now is the time to book those accommodations in Lake Placid before you miss out on your favorite college team. Definetely a must see event! I suppose it is time to get my skates on and check out some local competition (maybe this time I will not be hit in the head with a puck….maybe) Hope to see you there!

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