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Earth Day Package

It is your ole earth gal Cindy the EFQ back yet again to spill the dirt (literally) about more exciting eco-action. As you all know April is the month for Mother Earth and I have now teamed up with none other than MS. DEALMAKER the goddess of packages to bring you an eco-friendly one for EARTH DAY!!! So, I am going to step aside now and let her have the floor.


“Thank you, for those gracious remarks, my darling EFQ”! Okay, I am sure by now that you are aware that April 22nd is Earth Day and our gals at the Golden Arrow are holding some exciting kids activities. I have come up with a package to celebrate Earth Day. For $100 this package will include Deluxe Lodging for 2 adults and children under 12 stay free, FREE participation in all Earth Day activities for kids & we will retire enough carbon to offset the emmissions released during your stay. Last but not least (which our very own Cindy is shaking her leaves over), you will receive a carbon retirement certificate in your name!!! I feel this is a savings that everyone including our environment will benefit from.

Okay so it is time for this girl to head to the ole thinking desk to come up with some golf packages for all of you looking to hit the greens (like the play on the word “green”..hehe).

“Thanks a bunch Ms. Dealmaker for making this “green” package and look forward to offsetting all those carbon emissions.” Remember everyone to help out the environment this Earth Day. I am excited to meet all of you at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in Lake Placid on this auspitious day!

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