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Welcome Back Equestrians!!!



Less than 2 months away and the Lake Placid Horseshow Grounds will be filling up with all talented Equestrians. The beauty and elegance of these beautiful horses and their riders will trotting there way to the Adirondack Region. For all of you who plan on attending, participating or just lending a helping hand at both the I LOVE NY and LAKE PLACID HORSESHOW, we want to extend this great discount for the horseshow that our very own dealmaker has proposed.

MS. DEAL-MAKER here saddling up my horse and trotting out a great savings for this prestigious event. (yes, the puns are overwhelming but what is a girl to do…hee-haw!!!). For these two weeks from June 22nd through July 5th, I am offering for any potential guest staying for more than 11 nights a great savings on our Deluxe Guest Rooms. What is this rate you may ask? Well, hold your horses…hehe. I am offering these rooms at $169 per night!!!! A great bargain for this time of the year and a good way to save those pennies in your wallet.

Oh! I almost forgot. If you want to bring your doggie along it is just an additonal $50 per week to bring that lovable and loyal 4 legged friend. Definetely, time to contact the Golden Arrow today and book this great savings. Do not forget to tell them Ms. Deal-Maker sent you! Time to ride off into the sunset and think of some more great savings! Giddie-Yup!

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