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Incredible Landscaping Improvements


PHEW!! It has been a long and daunting month but the Golden Arrow improvements out on our beach and lawn area are coming along smoothly. MR. FIX-IT is finally back and excited to inform you about some improvements that have been taking place at the Golden Arrow. (sorry its been so long but i am finally getting a chance to take a poor back needs it..hehe). Without further ado, let me get into these improvements and show you the progress that is being made.

First of all out, on our lawn area on both sides of the hotel outlooking to the lake, we have finally removed those gaudy looking old transformer boxes (yay). Have replaced them with a more efficient transformer and out of view from the guests, so that you may enjoy the gorgeous view.

Transformer removed and Storm Water Management System (SOD IS ON THE WAY)

At the same time we have completed our STORM WATER MANAGEMENT SYSTEM out by the beach area and this is now effectively protecting our pristine Mirror Lake from pollutants. (our very own EFQ will be so proud of us). At the moment the grass area as you can see by these pics are not the greatest but do not fret the sod is on its way as I am typing to you now (7am tomorrow to be exact). We will have beautiful grass back and growing in no time.

downsized_0514091435a downsized_0514091435
Installing New Stone Walkway & Garden

While these projects were going on I have been tearing up the old walkway that went down to the beach area and replaced it with a new stone stairway. On both sides we will be doing some nice landscaping and placing gardens on both sides. This will give all of our guests a brand new look to our lawn and beach area and I am certain that you will enjoy this area a whole lot more.

downsized_0514091433b downsized_0514091432a
Stone Garden Being Installed

Oh! I almost forgot in front of all of our beach level rooms we are landscaping the front by the patios. We are placing a stone garden all along these rooms to make it look even more inviting. I am very proud of all the hard work that myself and the crew has put in for these projects. In a few weeks, I will be back to bring you pics of the finished product.

Okay! I see Ms. Deal-maker rounding the corner (never a quiet moment), time to bury my head back in the dirt. Bye for now and hope everyone enjoys our new extended beach and landscaped lawn area!!!

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