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Happy Memorial Weekend!!!


RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER back at you and wishing everyone a Happy Memorial Day Weekend. Spring has been in the air for weeks and now the warmer temps have been very refreshing. Thursday it topped over 80 degrees and this coming weekend is comfortable temperatures in the 70′s and 80′s. (Yay! Time to break out the shorts and the swimsuits…brrr kinda cold in the lake for that..but hey to each there own).


Just wanted to touch base with all of you out there in cyberland and say its a great weekend to be in Lake Placid at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. The major golf courses in the area Craigwood, Lake Placid Club and Whiteface Inn have all fresh greens and those dreaded sand traps. Our very own MS. DEALMAKER touched base with all of you a while ago about the great GOLF PACKAGES that we have to offer. God bless our deal-makers heart for all the great savings. Or if swinging the ole club is not your forte, then strap on the hiking boots and head to the picturesque views from the Mount Marcy area.


At our very own resort we have laid all of our fresh sod down and the grass is greener than ever and we have laid out our fresh crushed limestone sanded beach area (i love to smoosh my toes in the cool soft white sand). Our paddleboats, row boats and canoes are there for guests to lounge out on Mirror Lake. Just not warm enough to take that first plunge in Mirror Lake but soon enough. There is also plenty of other activities for children of all ages to participate in this weekend including minitaure golf, climbing walls and all kinds of jumping apparatuses at Avalanche Adventures or Pirate’s Cove in Lake Placid.

Time to pack up the kids and head to Lake Placid this Memorial Weekend. You will be glad you did? Okay, time to test my golf swing and work on that dreaded slice…last time almost took my partners head off…ouch…lol. Until next time, Chow!!!

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