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Awesome New Backyard & Beach


MR. FIX-IT back as promised with some great photos of our finished lawn and beach area. It took long strenuous hours and big strains on the back(OY! are these muscles sore…need a nice relaxing deep in the adult hottub) but we have finally finished. The sod and grass are greener than ever and our stairs leading down to the beach have nice garden on both sides. The white sandy beach is looking great!!!

Do not just take my word for it! Check out these great photos of the finished project and let me know what you think about it?

finished-ga-workgarden-001 finished-ga-workgarden-004 finished-ga-workgarden-005

I would like to hear on our GUESTBOOK if you have any ideas for the future or what you think of this area.

Almost forgot! (God help me if I did) The dearest MS DEAL MAKER would like to remind all of you who are traveling to the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in beautiful downtown Lake Placid to check out our Summer Packages. Some great specials that you will not want to miss. For now have a great summer everyone and look for more improvements to come in the near future. Gotta run!!!

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