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Horseshow time in Lake Placid



Well, HOWDY PARTNERS, this is RICH THE SPORTSCASTER here coming to you from the site of the LAKE PLACID AND I LOVE NEW YORK HORSESHOWS. Yes, you got it correct time to saddle up your horses and head to the Lake Placid Horseshow grounds for 2 weeks of riding and excitement. This ole cowboy has his riding chaps on and has his spurs on his cowboy boots. Boy, do they ever get sore (ouch).

Horse enthusiasts and riders from all over the country and other parts of the world will be and have been entering Lake Placid for this horseshow event. These two horseshows will be held from June 26th-July 8th, 2007. There is sure to be lots of excitement and possibly some famous faces around the horseshow grounds.

For more information on this event please visit for all the event information and exciting times this is all taking place. Also, dont forget when you are at this event do not forget to stop by the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort and check all the beautiful views and rooms we have to offer.

Well, this ole cowboy has to russle up some grub. So, you all get your cowboy hats on and your riding chaps out cause its going to be a great time for all ages at the Lake Placid Horseshow Grounds YEEEEEHHHAAWW!

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