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Olympic Day in Lake Placid


What do you think of when the words Ski Jumping, Luge and Biathlon Shooting are used? (no not a wild and crazy fraternity party…lol)! These are all events that take place at the Winter Olympics! What better way to celebrate the upcoming Olympics in 2009, then to have our very own OLYMPIC DAY in Lake Placid.


RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER at the OLYMPIC JUMPING COMPLEX on site where this eventful day will take place. This event will be happening this upcoming weekend on Saturday June 20th from 1pm to 3pm. The best thing about Olympic Day is it is completely FREE!!! That’s right the Ski Jumping Complex is opening this special day to all patrons absolutely free. This event will be to support the 2016 CHICAGO OLYMPIC DREAM BID for the Olympics.

Okay! I know enough chitter chatter, what is happening at this event. The first 1000 people will receive a 2016 Chicago Bid Bracelet and the Ceremonial Chicago Flag will be presented to Lake Placid. All through these 2 hours the great people at ORDA will be offering everyone a change to try out the luge sled and there sharp shooting skills in the biathlon. The daredevil athletes that perform Aerial Jumping will be practicing there flips and turns off the aerial jump into the large swimming pool below. (Yes, Winter Olympics in the summer, pretty amazing huh?) There will be great games and live musical entertainment from 2006 Olympian Lowel Bailey. To wet the appetite while you are there, BBQing will be happening as well. Defintely fun for the entire family.


The fun does not stop there! For everyone that has attended they will receive a bracelet that will entitle them to visit the LAKE PLACID WINTER OLYMPIC MUSEUM from 3pm-5pm for free! See all the great memorabilia from past Olympics held in Lake Placid. That was not enough you will also receive free admission to the SATURDAY NIGHT ICE SHOW at 7:30pm. Local and some special ice skating talent will be performing their great figure skating skills. (Whew! I am out of breath and fingers cramping from talking about all the great FREE activities to enjoy this coming Saturday).

What are you waiting for? Do not let the rain get you all gloomy! Head to Lake Placid this weekend and partake in Olympic Day. On your travels stop into the Golden Arrow as we have some great deals on guest rooms for this weekend! Time for this boy to get out of here as I see they are motioning for me to jump on a pair of skis and go off the Aerial jump! (NO WAY!). Have a great weekend!!!!

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