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Mountain Biking at Whiteface


Hello again everyone! RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER out enjoying a leisure bike ride out through the Adirondacks and down to Whiteface Mountain. The sky is finally blue and it is a beaming 80 degrees outside today. Just passed a few fellow athletes out training for the Ironman triathlon that is coming up very soon in July. (oh another impolite vechicle beeping loudly to get out of the way…even though we are in the bike lane of traffic). Please everyone out there in your vechicles be a little patient with our fellow bicyclists and Ironman triathletes. They are just training for an important race and are obeying all traffic rules. (somtimes we have to go into traffic to go around something, lets all enjoy the road together) We need to support them and this great event that is in Lake Placid every year.


Now back to the reason I am here! Pedaling ever so vigoursly down to Whiteface (my legs are ready to fall off…hehe). We at the Golden Arrow would like to DOUBLE DOG DARE U TO MOUNTAIN BIKE WHITEFACE! That is right, you have skiied her slopes in the Winter, now it is time to test your stamina and skill on the 27 mountain biking trails. Mountain biking in Lake Placid offers a variety for everyone, from the gentle crusier to the extremist. (Believe me I have the blisters to prove it…oh yes it is well worth it). So, I shall now turn it over to our very own MS. DEAL MAKER who has a great package to enjoy this great ride!

“The trail is all yours, my dearest!” “Oh you are too kind Rich.” “How are you typing and bicycling at the same time? You are so talented!”


As Rich said, I have our DOUBLE DOG DARE U MOUNTAIN BIKE DEAL that you will want to partake in. During the week from Sunday-Thursday for the low price of $99 per person, you can ride your mountain bike up and down the trails of Whiteface Mountain. This package includes an overnight stay for two at the Golden Arrow, two one-day all access passes to mountain bike Whiteface and a nice cool refreshing beverage after a long ride at either the T-BAR or RUMOR’S NIGHTCLUB. (mmm…that sounds good now, wonder if Mr. Fix-It is around).

I did not leave out the weekend traveler. For Friday and Saturday night, I have come up with a package that is $199 per person. This includes 2 nights lodging, a one-day all access mountain bike pass for two and and drink to recover after a long day of riding. Just a reminder that this does not include the mountain bikes, so either bring your own if you have them or rent from Downhill Mike at Whiteface Mountain. (he is a great guy…we all love him).

Okay! I am daring each and everyone of you to join us at the Golden Arrow this summer season for this great activity. Please check out for more Double Dog Dares because there will be more to follow. Well, time to kick back a cool one.

“Rich be careful out there on those trails and remember to drink lots of fluids!!!” From Rich and your lovely Ms. Deal-Maker have a great sunny and glorious fill day!!!

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