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Fourth of July/ Summertime


Hey, everyone this is RICH THE SPORTSCASTER MADAME CUISINE AND LITTLE Z coming to you from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Summer had finally arrived and boy are all of us just crazy with excitement about all the exciting events and activites going on this summer season. Of course, we only have time to tell you a few but lets see if we can all fit this in quickly before the sun goes down.

Ladies first!!! Thank you Rich! Ohh La La!!! this is MADAME CUISINE and boy has the barbecues been stoking all over Lake Placid. Boy is this ole girl tired from all the excitement this past weekend. They had the I Love BBQ Festival at the Speed Skating Oval in Lake Placid and was there enough good eats to make this ole girl gain at least 30 pds. WWWWOOOOWWW!!! We had a nice demonstration of some of the talented grillers right here in our own backyard. Mr. Cheshire Feld was gracious enough to showcase his talents right on the beach at our lovely resort. Boy, was it delicious. Of course, there was lots of talents all weekend long and what a great time was had by all.

Thats right even the kids including myself LITTLE Z had fun this weekend with the games and activitez they had at the festival. Including potato sack races, scavenger hunts and all kinds of games. Boy, I cannot wait for this WEDNESDAY THE FOURTH OF JULY when the excitement of the parade and the Fireworxs that are going off in Lake Placid. As well as, my Buddy Nick will be offering all kinds of fun and games for the children right at the resort. Well, its time for my nap time so i will hand it over to you Rich.


Thank you, LITTLE Z, and dont be too hard on your mom during your nap. Well, not only is there all exciting events going on and around Lake Placid around the Fourth of July. But, RICH wanted to remind you not to forget the summer series of the WET AND WILD WEDNESDAYS and SOARING SATURDAYS at the Verizon Ski Jumping Complex. If you do not know what that is, almost every Wednesday in July and August all different people around the United States and Canada showcase their aerial talents. They do all kinds of flips and turns and land in a large swimming pool. Boy, you would not catch me up their, I would be dizzy and get sick from all the flips (however the pool sounds nice). Then on Saturdays they hand it over to the Ski Jumpers who from the ski jumps soar over a waterized rubber mat and land on this which simulates packed snow. It is very exciting and boy do these men and women fly just like a bird. (wish I had wings to fly haha)

To see information and dates about all this exciting information and all the upcoming summer events in Lake Placid please visit and see whats happening in this exciting area.

It is time for Madame Cuisine and Rich your Sportscaster to sign off. As Madame says may all your dreams be filled with nice tasty sweets (OHH!! LA! LA!) and Z have a great nap and do not let the bed bugs bite. SEE YAH!

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