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Fresh Environmental Friendly Resort

HEY! EVERYONE! CINDY AKA “E.F.Q” (Environmental Friendly Queen)

Coming to you from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. They finally have let me out of hibernation and I am here to clear up your air and make your stay in the Adirondacks a clean and pollution free environment. I specialize in many of our allergen free rooms provided here at the Resort. I have spoke to many guests this spring and early summer and believe me there has been nothing but great responses about these rooms. They say it is like a breath of fresh air (my point exactly)! I am so glad that the time and effort that MR. FIX-IT spent in these rooms has not gone unrewarded. So, for anyone out there who has not experienced one of these allergen free rooms; WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR! stop in to the Golden Arrow and experience one for yourself. (I can just feel the fresh clean air flowing through these rooms)

Hey, before the seasons change on me again. I really need to tell you about the exciting promotion that we offer to anyone who wants to follow in making the environment safe and clean. If you are traveling to the Golden Arrow and you drive a HYBRID VECHICLE, WALK ON FOOT, OR BICYCLE TO THE ADIRONDACKS we will provide you with a complimentary “THANK YOU FOR BEING KIND TO THE EARTH” gift bag.
(This was my great idea that I am sure anyone will be pleased to take part in). Do not forget we are a completely non smoking resort which keeps the air nice and fresh and clean.

Robert & Carol Anderson rode thier tandem bike to the Golden Arrow from Vermont. 2007 marks thier 4th year riding around Lake Champlain. Mr. Byron drove his Hybrid in the early summer of June 2007 through the Adirondacks.

Well, this fresh air goddess has to start watering the plants and coming up with other exciting plans for our environment and how the hotel can get involved. Also, do not forget that The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort was rated 3 leaves by Audubon International in their Green Leaf Eco-rating Program for Hotels. For further information about this program and all the exciting new Eco-Friendly ideas the resort is participating in; please visit our website


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