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You asked for it and we are bringing it to you again! MS. DEALMAKER has been answering many guests requests about bringing back our great savings package. I have been racking the old noggin (shush Rich! there is not bats in the belfry…heh) and decided to bring back this tremendous package for the FALL SEASON!

What is this package you may ask? This is none other than STAY 2 NIGHTS, GET THE 3RD NIGHT FREE. That is right when you stay at the Golden Arrow in Lake Placid this Fall your 3rd Night is on us! (This is not a joke…even though I like to rib from time to time). We feel that it is time again to give back to the lovely patrons who have visited the Golden Arrow year after year. This package is available on our DELUXE GUEST ROOMS ONLY! The free night will be the least expensive out of the three evenings. It will be available from August 23rd until December 23rd, 2009.


The Fall is a wonderful time to experience Lake Placid! The foliage turns the landscape into a rainbow of colors, the weather is nice, the prices are reduced, the village is not as busy as the summer months & you can get great deals like this! (Even take that special someone for a deserving vacation…now if I could only get Mr. Fix-It to do that for me…lol). Now is the time to come experience Lake Placid! You know you need to get away! Until next time, this is yours truly, signing off and I will be back in the fall with more savings and deals for everyone! Enjoy the rest of the summer!!! Buh-Bye!

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