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What to do on Labor Day Weekend?



Even though the summer season is rapidly coming to a close and the children are slowly going back to school, does not mean there is still not plenty of excitement in Lake Placid. Yes, the summer temperatures are beaming and hot! RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER reporting from the Golden Arrow and saying don’t get down on yourself because Lake Placid is the place to be this coming Labor Day Weekend. We have a plethra of activities and events taking place this long weekend.

Now I know the children have sad faces because of school starting (and of course the parents cheering but shhhh…dont tell the children) but that does not mean the family can not have one more exciting getaway weekend. That is right Lake Placid is the place to be this coming weekend. From visiting all of the Olympic Venues to just kicking back on our white sanded beach and enjoying a kayak ride, you will have memories to last forever.


Wanted to mention the 2nd Annual FESTIVAL OF IRELAND that will be held at the Olympic Ski Jumping Complex on Saturday and Sunday September 5th and 6th. That is right you can enjoy some great Irish music and food right in our very own town in the heart of the Adirondacks. Enjoy some classic brewed lager here in our area to get you in the Irish mood (ahhh..nothing beats a cool refreshing one). This event is for adults and children. Do not forget to check out our great packages that MS. DEALMAKER has to offer on our website. She even has included a PACKAGE for this awe inspiring festival.

So, as you can see not only is their all of the great attractions in the area still to see but you can enjoy a great festival at the same time. Are you feeling the summer woes? Well do not let that be a burden and head to Lake Placid this Labor Day weekend. You will not want to miss out!!!!

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