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Figure Skating Excitement



Any plans for the upcoming weekend or next week? NO!!!! Then have I got the perfect itenariry for the figure skating enthusiast. RICH YOUR NEWS AND SPORTSCASTER here at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort in beautiful downtown Lake Placid relaxing on our white sandy beach and awaiting the upcoming skating spectacular. This coming Saturday August 29th at 7:30pm is the final CITIZENS BANK SATURDAY NIGHT ICE SHOW FINALS. All the winners from the previous Ice Skating shows will be competing for the championship title. There will be plenty of cheers and pristine figure skating (hopefully not to many falls on the ice…not like this poor bird who always falls on the ice…hehe) at the OLYMPIC CENTER ICE SKATING ARENA!! These champions will also be joined by guest skaters participating in the 77th Annual Miracles of Gold skating program. Sure to be fun for everyone.


If this was enough skating for one individual there is even more the following week. Lake Placid is holding for the 2nd time the ISU JUNIOR GRAN PRIX CHAMPIONSHIPS. Junior figure skaters will competing on the ice in pairs, dancing, men and ladies competition to see who is the best in their division. Mark your calendars for Wednesday September 2nd until Saturday September 5th!! Wish all of these skaters the best of luck as they compete for the Gold. (WOW! My head will be dizzy from watching all these great spins and jumps)

Skating not your cup of tea! Then on Saturday August 22nd head on over to the SKI JUMPING COMPLEX at 1pm and watch the final SOARING SATURDAY. Watch these daredevils launch themselves off these tall and breathtaking jumps (not in my lifetime…good luck guys and gals).

As you can see there is plenty of activities to keep you going for the weekend and next week. Geez, almost forgot to give you another reminder of the 2ND ANNUAL IRISH FESTIVAL that is taking place this upcoming Labor Day weekend. (Sunny would have had my head….sorry girl…lol) Have a great weekend everyone! Keep your eyes peeled for, moi, you never know where this guy will be!

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