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It is getting about that time of the year! I know snow right (ugh!), not really if you are one of millions who like to swoosh down that fresh powder on Whiteface Mountain. We are gearing up for that wonderful time of the year and have I got the best Ski Deal that you are ever going to see this year. This package is offered exclusively at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

MS. DEALMAKER your favorite gal here has been frantically working in getting out the best package for all of you snowbunnies and hot doggers. (personally I love to relax in the lodge with a hot toddy or a nice cup of cocoa). Have I got the BEST SKI DEAL for you!! Know do not adjust your eyeglasses or adjust the contrast on the computer when you see this deal (LOL)!


During the 2009-2010 Ski season I have come up with a great deal, where you stay 2 nights and ski 2 days, we will throw in an extra night stay and day of skiing for FREE!!! No, I am not fibbing! You can enjoy staying at the resort for 3 nights and ski 3 days, only pay for 2 nights. This package is only valid Sunday through Tuesday arrivals only! The rates for Early Season until December 25th and Late Season from March 14th to closing are $159 per night for 2 nights based on double occupancy. If you would like to ski In-Season from January 3rd until March 14th the rate is $178 per night for 2 nights. This is a one time offer this season and you will not receive any better package this year!!!

There is one loop hole. This package is only available for a limited time. Do not snooze and book this package BEFORE MIDNIGHT NOVEMBER 15th, 2009!!! Anytime after that this package will cease to exist for the rest of the year. (Wouldn’t your poor skis be sad…hehe). Remember this is the Best Ski Deal in Lake Placid. DO NOT DELAY!!!! GET ON THAT PHONE TODAY!!!! Time to hit the road and hope to see everyone this Winter season on the slopes of Whiteface.

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