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Skate America In Lake Placid


RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER full of excitement and enthusiasm as a spectacular Figure Skating Event is rapidly approaching. For anyone that follows Winter Sports is aware that this is an upcoming Olympic Year 2010 in Vancouver, Canada. Lake Placid is proud to host this years 2009 SKATE AMERICA in our very own HERB BROOKS ARENA. That is right!!!! Skate America in Lake Placid back where it all began! This boy is grinning ear to ear as this is a much welcomed and exciting competition.

World Champion Evan Lysacek

For those of you who are not aware of what Skate America is all about (shame on you..hehe). This is an international competition showcasing the best skating talent the World has to offer (12 Men & 12 Women, 8 Pairs Teams and 10 Ice Dancing). Skate America is part of the ISU GRAND PRIX OF FIGURE SKATING SERIES. This event will take place NOVEMBER 12TH-15H. All of your favorite talented Olympic Hopefuls will be showcasing their figure skating talent out on the Pristine ice in hopes to qualifying for the Grand Prix Finals. Do not forget, this is an Olympic Year and the long and short programs from the ladies, mens, pairs and Ice dancing competitors will be the same programs for the 2010 OLYMPICS. This is awesome, fantastic, superb, glorious news!!! (as you can tell, I am an avid figure skating fan…lol).

World Champion Yu-Na Kim

So who is participating in this Grand Prix Series? Maybe, some of your favorites and I just happen to have a list of some of these superb skaters. 2009 World Champions Evan Lysacek from the US and Yu-Na Kim of Korea (who has been unstoppable in the ladies field) will be particapating. Sasha Cohen will competeing in her first competitive competition in the US since 4 years ago when she won the 2006 Olympic Silver Medal. This field will also be joined by 6 time French Ice Dancing Champions and 2008 World Ice Dancing Champion Isabelle Delobel and Olivier Schoenfelder. I do not want to forget our very own from the United States Tanith Belbin and Benjamin Agosto who are contenders in the Gold for the upcoming Olympics. Also, Three-time World Pairs Champion (02-03, 2007) and two time Olympic Bronze Medalists (2002, 2006) Xue Shen and Hongbo Zhao of China will make their competitive debut this season, following a two year absence (very excited about seeing them compete again..they are so great). With many more Olympic Hopefuls competeing as well, for the complete list of international skaters competing at Skate America please visit

Now is the time to book your seats for Skate America in Lake Placid. Cheer your favorite skater and see why they are called the best in the world!!! Hey, watch for me November 12th weekend in the stands cheering and yelling for my favorites!!! See you next time everyone and THINK SNOW!!!

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