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Culinary Genius at Charlie's


OHHH LA! LA! MADAME CUISINE here coming to you from CHARLIE’S RESTAURANT AND T-BAR located adjacent and attached to the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Just, wanted to let all you culinary delights out there know about the rave reviews we recently got from a reporter and food critic.

Thank you again to Mr. Bryon Nilsson for visiting the Golden Arrow and Charlie’s restaurant and giving us your excellent opinion of the cuisine and ambiance the restaurant and bar has to offer. From myself Madame Cuisine I give you two OHH LA LAS! and am so glad you enjoyed all the delicious cuisine that Charlie and myself have been whipping up in the kitchen. Boy, are my legs filling the pain from running around getting the ingredients and preparing all these hot and tasty dishes. (shhh… dont tell Charlie but I am expecting a raise! lol)

Well, enough of this ole girls jibber jabber; please visit the following weblink Metroland Online Food Review and here the great reviews of our fabulous and tasty cuisine. Again coodles to Byron Nissan for all his time and effort spent enjoying our service and hospitality; we really apprciate it.

Here are a few pics of this new and upcoming restaurant:

Well, time for this ole gal to heat up the skillet and roll out the dough! Until next time this is MADAME CUISINE saying I hope all your dreams are filled with delicious pastries and yummy desserts. Boy, does this old girl need to lay off them. OHHH LAA LAA

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