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Yes, it is that festive time of the year again, where we all can become a kid and dress in outrageous costumes. All Hallows Eve is this coming Saturday and I hope you are ready. Have you made any ghoulish plans as of yet? NO???? (Shame shame…no treats for you) Then have I got a great idea for you.

RICH YOUR NEWS AND SPORTSCASTER is “putting a spell on you and now you are mine” “you can’t stop the things I do, I dont lieeeee”!!! (WOOHAAAAA!!!) This means that you need to join all of us this Halloween for all the “frightful and spooky” activities in the area. What are those events you say? Well, let me fill you in.

The major event that will be taking this place this weekend is the children’s CAN AM hockey tournaments. Various little ghouls and goblins (figuratively speaking) will be coming to Lake Placid to the OLYMPIC CENTER to participate in this tourney. All day Friday and Saturday there will be various games in all the rinks and excitement will be abound.


Please visit for these times and about other hockey tournaments.

After that let all the evening Halloween festivities commence for the adults. What better way to spend Halloween than to dress up in your most outrageous and inventive costume and take place in the 18TH ANNUAL TREK AND TREAT. This annual event takes you through out the evenings to three different local hang outs, where there will be costume contests with cash prizes and drinks specials at each locale. Starting the evening off at THE COTTAGE CAFE from 7-9pm, then heading uptown to ZIG ZAG’S PUB from 10-midnight and finally the final ghoulish stop at ROOMER’S NIGHTCLUB, from midnight to 2am, where the grand prize will be drawn at 2am (of course you need to visit all 3 spots). I am sure each and everyone of you will enjoy this great event.

So, with all this excitement, how can you not stop over to Lake Placid this coming Halloween and visit us at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. It will be a howling good time!!! One more thing do not forget on Sunday November 1st at 2am to set your clocks back one hour as it is Daylight Savings Time. Everyone have a great and safe Halloween and hope to see you lurking around Lake Placid. (I VANT TO SUCK YOUR BLOOD!!! heheh).

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