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Its that time of the year again, RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER here dropping you a line about the exciting event happening this Sunday July 22nd. Yes, it is that time of the year again and the IRONMAN TRIATHLON is finally here. Yes, athletes from all over the world ascend on Lake Placid for this long and strenuous event.

Boy oh boy, this guy would never do what these people do; I would pass out from exhaustion. It is a race that starts at 7am and officially does not end for some athletes till midnight. They swim 2.5 miles around Mirror Lake, bike 112 miles through some of the Adirondacks and run a marthon race of 26 miles. (WOW!!! Good luck to these individuals cause you would find me floating in the Lake LOL!!) or (at least on the side of the road somewhere)!

There is plenty for the spectators and family goers to do during this long day. Like supporting their loved ones through out the course (more my speed) volunteering at many different areas of the race, or just hanging out at the Speed Skating Oval at the finsh line cheering all these brave souls to victory. HORRAYYY!!!

For further info on this exciting and great event please visit and get all the info on how you can get involved. Who know this boy might decide to train harder and participate himself one of these years. YEAH RIGHT IN LIKE 40 YEARS HAHA!

Good luck to all the Ironman Athletes and this sportscaster will see you at the starting and finish lines. Rich signing off from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

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