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Winter is in the air!!



RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER finally back at you after a short break. Hope everyone enjoyed Thanksgiving and spent time with your family and loved ones!! Hope you did not eat too much (boy did I, think the waist gained a few inches…lol). Now that “turkey day” is over it is time to make those plans for the upcoming Holiday Season!

As of today, our first snowfall is falling in the air as I speak! Expected is 3-5 inches of snow! The news from WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN is that they will be able to start making the much needed snow and trails should be open within the next few weeks. YAY! For all of you avid skiiers just itching, to get on the slopes. The snow is finally coming….yippee!!

Now is the time to call the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort to book your ski or holiday vacation. We still have plenty of our Deluxe Guest Rooms and Suites or Specialty with fireplaces to roast those toes after a long winter day! Do not forget as of December 18th our restaurant in the Golden Arrow will be run by a new management team with exciting new options to enjoy for breakfast, lunch and dinner. We are keeping our very own MADAME CUISINE in the kitchen to whip up thoses delectable delights that all of our guests have come to enjoy.

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OH! One other thing before I rush away and enjoy making a snow angel outside. Almost forgot that my very own friends, staff members of the Golden Arrow, “THE THREE CRAFTY WITCHES” have opened up their very own craft store inside the Golden Arrow’s very own ALPINE MALL. Everything is handcrafted and I am sure you will be able to find that special gift for your loved one. Please check them out, Cindy, Sunny and Amanda while you are in Downtown Lake Placid and tell them Richard sent you for your very own discount. (Sorry, girls discounts discounts…hehe…had to do it). For now everyone get that Holiday Shopping done and I look forward to meeting each and everyone in Lake Placid.

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