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Exciting New Changes


The staff and I (RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER) are very excited about some exciting changes that are happening at the resort. I felt that all of you avid readers about the resort would like to be filled in on this information.

We have officially made our 5 LEAF RATING with the AUDUBON SOCIETY for all of our eco-friendly and “green efforts” Our very own CINDY THE E.F.Q. has been buzzing all over the resort making sure that we have been operating at this level of a sustainable resort. She wants me to tell all the staff and everyone one of our guests THANK YOU for helping us obtain this prestigious ranking. The only resort in New York State to ever reach this level. This is all because of each and everyone of you!!!

The 2nd news is that as of DECEMBER 19th, 2009 the Golden Arrow Resort is re-opening the restaurant inside the resort (formally Charlie’s restaurant). We have hired a great top notch head chef David Hunt. Along with a brand new staff, we will be featuring a brand new delectable menu for everyone to enjoy. It will feature some of David’s signature dishes as well as affordable and great cuisine for everyone to enjoy.(cannot wait to fill up and gain a few pounds with this great new menu). Please check out our website in the future for a listing of the brand new menu or stop into the Golden Arrow’s front lobby and check out this menu. We hope that everyone will give our new restaurant a taste and bring an empty belly as you will want to sample all the great choices (of course if we did that, we might walk out 10lbs heavier but hey I like my

Before I go, the staff at the Golden Arrow would like to thank Charlie and his staff for 3 great years of service at Charlies restaurant! The food was delicious.

Time to get the old nose back out to dig up some more interesting news and happenings in Lake Placid. Thank you again for all the hard effort in keeping the resort eco-friendly and achieving our 5 stay rating. We have been waiting for a while. Have a great day everyone!!

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