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Ironman Finale



Hey, everyone another year is coming to a close on the IRONMAN TRIATHLON in Lake Placid. This is RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER coming to you from the finish line of the Ironman Lake Placid. Another exciting day has taken place in Lake Placid and over 2500 men and women tri-athletes have participated in the most grueling race this area offers.

It is nice to see all the satisfaction and smiles of these athletes and they hobble across the finish line; signifying the race is over for another year. My MY MY you would never in a million years catch me do this; I would not even make it out of the swim portion (lol). But, anyway CONGRATULATIONS! HATS OFF! YOU ARE TRUE IRONMAN RACERS!

For further information on race results please visit Well, this ole boy is going to rest his feet, I am tired of watching all the great athletes race such a tough course (PHEW!!!) Until, next time this is Rich signing off from the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.

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