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Winter Blues!!!

Ever think to yourself…How long before Winter Season is over? Gosh, wish I was in Florida where it warm! RICH YOUR NEWSCASTER wants to make you aware that Winter Season is the time to enjoy all kinds of exhilarting activities. The town and resort to be at when you start getting those winter blues….(Is not Florida…shame shame) is Lake Placid, New York at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Pack those bags and get your fun goggles on for all kinds of winter events.


Never been on a set of skis or want to try your hand at snowboarding? Then I recommend stopping over to WHITEFACE MOUNTAIN and sign up for a ski or snowboarding lesson. Enjoy swooshing down the slopes and the crisp air on your face. I recommend joining us during the midweek as our very own MS. DEALMAKER has a great Midweek Ski and Stay Package for $89 per person per night. How can you pass that up? Do not worry Whiteface has trails for everyone to enjoy. (Please if you see, yours truly, chasing one of his skis down the slope…give the man a helping hand…lol).

Not in for the downhill experience, then slush on over to Mount Van Hovenberg and try your hand at X-Country Skiing or snowshoeing. You will enjoy taking your time through the many groomed trails and the picturesque Adirondack Scenery. It is very peaceful and serene. You will not even realise it is Winter and cold outside. In the evening I emphatically recommend trying your hand at Ice Skating.

Located at the OLYMPIC SPEEDSKATING OVAL you can enjoy a 2 hour session of carving the ice around the oval while listening to some relaxing music. It is a great time to spend with your family and they will thank you for it.

Last but certainly not least, seeing that this is an Olympic Year and they are just around the corner. You should visit the OLYMPIC MUSEUM where all kinds of memorabilia from the 1980 Winter Olympics is displayed. Maybe, enjoy your first Bobsled ride, where you can feel the experience that our Olympic hopefuls train for year after year. You should add this to your to do list while in Lake Placid.

What are you waiting for? Do not let the cold winter blues get you down. Please do not head to the South! Turn that car around and head to the Adirondacks and Lake Placid, New York. I will be waiting by the curb to direct you into our wonderful resort. It will be a Winter experience you will soon not forget!!!!! (HEY! Join me on our beach area and make some snow angels. That is so much fun…hehe) Have a great day everyone.

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