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Unveiling of "Generations" Restaurant


OHHH!!! LA! LA! MADAME CUISINE is very excited to unveil the new name of our brand new restaurant that the Golden Arrow Resort has re-opened. As, of December 20th, 2009 we have opened the restaurant under a new management staff and unveiled a fresh and most delectable new menu. This gal is got goosebumps all over this body thinking of all the great flavors we are whipping up in the kitchen!!! (Just got to be careful not to be sampling everything…got to keep this girlish figure…OHH! LA! LA!)


The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort as of December had enlisted the help of the public to name our brand new restaurant and bar. We had several great choices and ideas and finally came up with the winning names. The restaurant will be officially called GENERATIONS and was suggested by a local entrepreneur in Lake Placid. CHRIS ERICSON came up with this name and conicidentally is also the BrewMaster of the famous UBU Ale, a beer brewed locally and used in the UBU FONDUE-one of the most popular items on the menu! (This girl loves the taste of this fondue with a great pretzel…yum yum)
The Holderied family chose this great name for a many reasons. The resort is owned by the family and 3 generations have worked at the resort. Also, they have welcomed generations of families that have frequently visited the resort for many years.


The official name of the new bar/lounge inside GENERATIONS RESTAURANT is now STRAIGHT SHOT! This name was summited by RACHEL HINES AND TYLER JONES of Chapel Hill, North Carolina. This new lounge will offer an extensive wine and spirits list and some local favorite cocktails. Definetely, a must try for all of you ready to begin a fun and exciting evening in Lake Placid.

This girl would like to thank our Executive Head Chef DAVID HUNT and the General Restaurant Manager MARK CORR and the rest of the management team for coming up with a tasty and delectable menu for families and friends to enjoy for Generations! (Like the play on words…HAHA). You will find that the restaurant offers fair and reasonable prices for everyone.

Thank you again for our two contestant winners! You came up with some great names that we will use for years to come!

What is everyone waiting for? Get off that couch and pack those bags for downtown Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort. Do not forget to work up that appetite! Yours truly will want to see each and everyone of our patrons enjoying a nice meal at the brand new GENERATIONS restaurant. This gal is wanted back in the kitchen…(cannot get enough of yours truly..OHHH!! LA! LA!) put her culinary talents to work. Until next time, may all your tastebuds be titalated and your thirst be quenched! OHHHH!!!! LAAAAAA!!!! LAAAAAA!!!! Toodles!!!

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