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GOLD!!!! SILVER!!!!! BRONZE!!!!!

As we all know (or should know) that the 2010 WINTER OLYMPICS is rapidly approaching and will be taking place in Vancouver, Canada during the middle of February. Thousands of gifted athletes will be reaching for that prestigious Gold medal in all different types of Winter events. To tie into this Worldwide competition the Lake Placid area and the OLYMPIC REGIONAL DEVELOPMENT AUTHORITY have come up with a great competition to let you experience the Olympics first hand.

MS. DEAL-MAKER here at the Golden Arrow has incorporated a great Add-on package to commorate this auspitious occassion. It is title none other than GOLD MEDAL GAMES-FAMILY EDITION. What is the Gold Medal Games? Well, my dears, let me explain it before I tell you about the great deal!!!


Lake Placid will be celebrating the 30th Anniversary of the XIII Olympic Winter Games with a truly unique competition. Families from all over the country will compete against each other to take home the GOLD! This competition is a great way to meet other families traveling to Lake Placid in an atmosphere of camaraderie and competition.

Participants of all ages and abilities compete in:
1. Skiing/Snowboarding Race at Whiteface
2. The Olympic Mountain Bobsled on the combined track at the Olympic Sports Complex
3. Biathlon at the Olympic Sports Complex
4. Hockey Shot & Slapshot at the Olympic Center
5. Curling at the Olympic Center
6. Speed Skating on the Olympic Speed Skating Oval
7. All participants reconvene for Official Results, Medals and Award Ceremonies


Our professional staff will be there to guide your entire team through the activities. You will all leave Lake Placid with a sense of accomplishment and a better appreciation of what it takes to be an Olympic Athlete!
Gather your team and be part of the inaugural 3-day Gold Medal Games Family Edition that kicks off with a Torch Run, Opening Ceremonies and Cauldron Lighting.

As you can see there is oodles and oodles of fun for the entire family. (Gosh, I want to slap the ole hockey stick around or even swoosh down competively at Whiteface…just gotta stay on my feet first…lol) For the low price of $249 per adult and teens and $199 children 12 and under you can add this fun and exciting package to your accommodations at the Golden Arrow. There is two different dates that this will be taking place. You can partake in this adventure from Feb. 15th to the 18th and then again from the 22nd to the 25th, 2010.

Now is the time to join in the Olympic festivites. Give us a call and add this Gold Medal Adventure package to your accommodations today!!! See why Lake Placid is a winter wonderland and a great spot to enjoy this year’s Winter Olympics. Time for this girl to grab that ole MR-FIX IT and see if he wants to compete with this ole gal….he will lose of course…lol. Bye for now everyone!!!!

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