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February Skiing and Winter Festivities


February has finally arrived all around the world. Winter is in full force in Lake Placid and Whiteface Mountain. On February 2nd the famous groundhog Punxsutawney Phil saw his shadow and that means six more weeks of winter. Great news for all of you avid skiiers and winter adventure seekers out there. (I know I know..more cold..but hey that is why we love the Adirondacks..hehe) I know some of the local groundhogs did not see their shadow but, HEY Phil is never wrong!

RICHARD YOUR NEWSCASTER is back in session after a little break and ready to fill you in on a new ski package for non-downhill skiiers. Lets not forget the exciting Winter Carnival that is held in Saranac Lake every year!!! That is right! The 113th ANNUAL SARANAC LAKE WINTER CARNIVAL is also kicking off its festivites starting on Friday February 5th and running through Sunday February 14th. This year’s theme is ADIRONDACK COWBOYS and sure will be a treat for every member of your family. You must head to Saranac Lake and see the glorious Ice Castle that will be lit up this coming weekend. It is truly a sight to see!!! (Of course do not stick your tongue to the ice, from experience it is not a comfortable situation…lol).
february-3-2010 photo-100130

On the following weekend on Saturday February 13th there is the glorious parade in the afternoon. The children will enjoy seeing Sara the Snowy Owl and all of her woodland friends parading the streets (yes, I like to hug the mascots Golden Arrow resort still has some great rooms available for you last minute travellers who would like to partake in this event!!!

Flipping over to the ski aspect of your travels. Our very own sweet and adorable MS. DEAL-MAKER wants me to inform you about her new ADD-ON CROSS COUNTRY SKI PACKAGE. (Sorry, it took so long, she did not forget about non-downhill skiiers). This package for a low price of $24 per person includes a two out of three day cross country pass to some of the best groomed trails in the Adirondacks at our very own Mt. Van-Hovenberg. This can be added on to any room type that you have reserved. With the fresh powder coming down each day, how can you pass up such an offer???

Almost forgot, Whiteface Mountain has great ski conditions and what better way to enjoy time with the family then having a Lake Placid Ski Vacation. Check out our great packages for those seeking a little relief in the wallet. Well, it is that time again to pack up thine bags and head out into the Winter that is Lake Placid. Remember everyone to bundle up with your hat, mittens and scarf!!! I will see each and everyone of you at the Winter Carnival and on the Cross Country Trails. BYE FOR NOW!!!

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