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Helping our Four-Legged Friends


“Tails a wagging”!!!


This is HENRY AND HANNAH coming to you from the Humane Society in Saranac Lake where the Golden Arrow has just made a favorable donation to help out all of our canine and feline friends who need adopting. This year the Golden Arrow has surpassed last years donation by a few hundred dollars! (PANT PANT) This is barking up our alley! They proudly handed a check of $2,030.00 to the TRI LAKES HUMANE SOCIETY. Now all of our animal pals will get the great care and food to keep them going while they await for a caring and loving person to adopt them.


The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort has been for years accepting pets to their resort. For a small fee of $50 during the stay you may bring your favorite 4 legged furry friend. 10 Percent of these monies is then collected and donated to the Humane Society at the end of the year. So, by visiting the Golden Arrow with your beloved pet, you are helping these animals find loving homes! (Please from one four legged friend to another…bring those pets…Rolf Rolf)!

Well, time to go and check out all these great pets and who knows they might have a little snack that we can devour. (MMMMM!! Rolf and Woof) Until next time, do not forget to leave that great doggy treat at the front counter for Hannah and myself! We will be wagging our tails for the generous donation!

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