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As I am sure, you marathon runners and tri-athletes are aware that it is getting closer to the Spring season. Temps have been comfortably during the day in the mid 40′s and snow is gradually melting. Meaning that it is almost time to start thinking about training for the upcoming Lake Plaicd Marathon 2010 (hosted by the resort with the mostest GOLDEN ARROW LAKESIDE RESORT) and Ironman 2010 in picturesque Lake Placid. Time to start oiling up those bicycles and lacing up those running shoes and hit the race trails in Lake Placid to prepare for this year’s exciting events.


Which means your favorite gal of deals (of course I am talking of my fabulous self…yes little conceited but hey gotta be) MS. DEALMAKER is back with a great package for all of you hard working athletes. To get a jump (literally) on the competition and train on these great mountain courses, I am offering an Extraordinary discount that you will not want to run by on. The Golden Arrow and myself will offer 20 percent discount on any room from now until the end of June. No, this is not a joke. You will receive 20% off any room type that is available in the next few months!!! You can even bring your family for a mini vacation and enjoy a spacious relaxing suite with this deal. (Yes, the girl is insane with discounts ,of course, not as insane as running a 26 mile race or a 12 or more hour Triathlon,,WHEW!!) Remember the Golden Arrow is located right on Mirror Lake, the start of the Ironman swim portion. Which gives you a perfect chance right out our back door to brush up on your swimming. So I am wondering…Why are you still staring at your computer screen? Get on that phone today and give me a buzz to receive this amazing offer!!!!

OH! Before I forget! Great spring skiing conditions is still available at Whiteface Mountain with many trails for all of you last minute skiiers. Do not forget to check out my LATE SEASON MIDWEEK SKI PACKAGE that is still being offered until Frosty has finally melted and gone away!!! HEHE!

Do not forget this weekend Sunday April 14th at 2AM, time to spring ahead and set those clocks ahead one hour for Daylight Savings time. Do not want to miss an hour of a brand new day! Time for this gal to depart. Hope to see everyone for the rest of the ski season and look forward to meeting all of the athletes for training this spring. Toodles!

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