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Relax and Wake Up to a Hot Piping Meal!!

Wow!!  What a past couple of weeks it has been in the Adirondacks and all of our friends along the Eastern coast.  Unless, you are a turtle who has not come out of their shell, you know of the terrible Hurricane Irene that struck the NorthEast.  Lake Placid was fortunate enought to receive minimal damage and we have had a great Labor Day Weekend.  All roads coming into Lake Placid are available from all directions.  There is one small minor detour coming from I87 North where instead of Exit 30 you will take Exit 31.  Now we know everyone has been constantly thinking, how can I enjoy a relaxing evening and save in the pocket?  Here at the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort, we have taken that into consideration and our very own “Gal of Deals”  MS. DEAL MAKER has come up with a relaxing package to enjoy for one or even for a few evenings.

Ski jumps lake placid.jpg

“Hey! All my lovely dears out there!”   “Hope everyone is doing well.”  I have been working hard the last few weeks to come up with an enjoyable package for the Autumn and Early Winter Season.  What is it you may ask??  “Okay my dearies.”   This package is called the GOLDEN BED & BREAKFAST package.  Yes, just the name makes the words shine and make my mouth water actually…hehe.  For the low cost of $59 per person per night or if you are flying solo just a mere $99 per night you can enjoy this package deal.  Discover the beautiful village of Lake Placid.  Shop the quaint boutiques, sample the extraordinary cuisine and spend time chatting with the locals at the brew pubs.  Package includes one night lodging in a Deluxe Guest room & a delicious breakfast at GENERATIONS RESTAURANT.  While you are at Generations please say Hi to my dear friend Madame Cuisine (OH LA LA!! such a catchy phrase)  and our very own Restaurant Manager Mark Corr.  They will treat you with the most scrumptious breakfast and service that I am sure you will want to tell your friends all about!!   This package is avaiable for a limited time from today until December 22nd, 2011 and is a Midweek Package available Sunday through Thursday evenings only!!

Now is the time to take that extra day off of work or to switch up your every day routine.  Head on over to the Lake Placid area and take in the panormaic/picturesque views.  Remember that fall foliage is just around the corner and what beautiful scenery is painted all over the Lake Placid region.  Gotta run my dears as I just saw Mr. Fix-It.  That man owes me a breakfast.  Wish me luck and have a wonderful day!!!!!!

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Biking and Relaxation in the Adirondacks

Even though the summer season may be winding down soon! That is no excuse to pack up that Mounain Bike just yet. (You did already? What!! Get that back out!)  Rich here, pedaling my mountain bike down one of the terrains in the near by area and yes I am writing at the same time!  (I, must say I am quite talented..hehe)   As you know we have some of the best terrain in the Adirondacks for both on road and off-road mountain biking. Just 9 miles down the road we have our very own Whiteface Mountain where you can enjoy all of this. (No, it is not just for skiing) Whiteface Mountain Bike Park offers riding for all abilities and styles of riding, from hard core to gentle cruisers, great cross country trails and everything in between. There are a total of 27 very different trails to chose from and the most vertical in the East with a whopping 2,476 feet. To tie into all this biking extravaganza, our very own MS. DEAL-MAKER the queen of deals, would like to remind you of a great mountain bike package that is still available until almost the end of August. You will definetly get the exercise.

For a few more weeks until August 25th, 2011, we have our Mountain Biking Package available for biking at Whiteface Mountain.  This package is available Sunday through Thursday evening.  For $129 per person (double occupancy) or $199 (single occupancy) we will throw in lodging in one of our comfortable Deluxe Guest rooms, Breakfast in the morning to kick start off your day at GENERATIONS Restaurant and then enjoy a great day at Whiteface on the mountain biking trails.  Downhill Mike will be there to greet you at the entrance and take great care of you in showing which trails will be perfect for your level of biking experience.  (he is a gem and a great guy all will love him)  This package does not include bike rentals or equipment.  So, if you have your own please bring that bike with you or they can supply you with the perfect mountain bike to satisfy your needs.  Enjoy the day off the skis and enjoy the terrain of the Adirondacks on Whiteface Mountain.

Bring the family and friends over to Lake Placid for the next couple of weeks and enjoy a relaxing day Mountain Biking in the Adirondacks.  Then, enjoy a relaxing evening at the Golden Arrow and our wonderful private white sanded beach.  Uh oh!! Here comes a tree!! Gotta go everyone! Have a great day and hope to see you very soon on the trails.

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Heat! Heat! Heat!

Are the temperatures and humidty causing you to melt to a puddle on the floor?  In the city and looking for that cooling escape?  We know you have been experiencing humidity over 100 degrees.  Do not sit there sweating any more, head over to Lake Placid and enjoy the Adirondacks and the cooler temperatures that we have to offer.  The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort has great air conditioned guest rooms and a relaxing WHITE SANDED PRIVATE BEACH right on the property. (ahhh…the sand fills good in your toes, quite the exfoliant)  Hop into one of our kayaks, rowboats, canoes or paddleboats and whisk around on the calm waters of Mirror Lake.  Please always make sure to wear your life jackets.  Now, let me turn you over to RICHARD OUR TOURGUIDE to give you a few ideas on how to beat the heat the rest of the summer.

Hey everyone!!  Just got back from a great hike on Mount Jo and boy am I feeling good.  Muscles are all stretched out and ready to do some more hiking.  The air temperature is great out on these hiking trails and will rejuvinate any person that has been trying to beat the heat.  Try your hand at the Mount Marcy mountain range and Mount Jo or head over to the Cascade Lake Region and try out one of the great trails in that region.  There are many short and longer hikes for any type of hiker and family.  Stop by the desk of the Golden Arrow and receive a listing of these trails or head over to HIGH PEAKS CYCLERY and hire your own guide or grab a hiking map.  Its a great way to leave the troubles of every day life behind and to enjoy the wilderness of the Adirondacks.

Hiking not your cup of tea or even java..hehe.  Then, how about swinging the ole golf club at one of the three challenging golf courses here in the area.  Our very own MS. DEAL MAKER has a great SUMMER MIDWEEK GOLF PACKAGE that will get you hitting a hole in one in your wallet.  For $129 per person per night (based on double occupancy) enjoy a round of golf for each person at either Craigwood or Whiteface Inn Golf Clubs.  You can for an extra fee of $25 per person head over to Saranac Lake and the Saranac Inn Golf course and enjoy a relaxing time on the greens.  My favorite way to cool off after a busy day is to do a round of golf then hit the club house and enjoy that 19th hole and the beverages that come with it…hehe.   This is a great package that you will not want to miss out on.  Look out for the great Fall golf packages that we offer as well.

As you can see, so many ways to get out of the sweltering heat and cool down for a day or more.  Great time to take a vacation with the family before school begins.  Do not forget Main Street of Lake Placid is full of quaint shops and restaurants to make anyones travels merry!!  Are you still sitting there reading this Blog!!!  WHAT!!  Get off that computer and throw some bags in the car and enjoy a break in the humidity at the Golden Arrow and Lake Placid!  I have a brewed Ale waiting for you at the Lake Placid Pub and Brewery that you will not want to miss.  See you there!!

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Events Around Every Corner!!

Summer weather has been phenominal this summer season.  Events have had great turnouts. But, do not fret there is still plenty of tournaments and competitions that will be happening very soon.  RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER back from volunteering for the Ironman and ready to let everyone know about the exciting events that will be happening these next few weeks.

But first I want to congratulate all the Ironman/Ironwoman who participated in this years Ironman race. You are a true Ironman and deserve the credit for enduring such a long race.  CONGRATULATIONS! SEE YOU NEXT YEAR!!!

rugby.jpg Okay, back to the events!! All you active athletes who like a little rough and tough in your sports. Then the 38TH ANNUAL CAN-AM RUGBY TOURNAMENT is right up your alley. This coming weekend from July 29th through July 31st, 2011 teams from all over the US will be descending into Saranac Lake and Lake Placid for this head and body smashing event. The men and ladies will be bumping, tackling and running for the goal to ensure their teams victory. (I am sure to see many banged up knees, arms, and heads,,hopefully not mine…lol!) So, if this is your cup of tea then head down to Saranac Lake this weekend for all the action.


 For all of you skater enthusiasts who like to spin, jump and glide across the ice, has Lake Placid have a great event for you. I am talking about the LAKE PLACID ICE DANCING CHAMPIONSHIPS that will also be taking place this coming week from July 27th through July 30th. Ice skating couples will be descending on the area in hopes for GOLD! (If they were to invite me on the ice, I would spin myself right through the ice..hehe). So, all of you who love figure skating this is a competition not to miss.

Oh! Do not want to forget our Lacrosse Players. The 2011 LAKE PLACID SUMMIT LACROSSE TOURNAMENT will be held in a few weeks from August 3rd through the 7th.  The children even get in on the action at the beginning of the week from August 1st through the 3rd.   All over Lake Placid in many fields provided down near the Horseshow grounds, teams will be racing back and forth with their netted sticks and trying to score goals for their team. (Watch out, flying ball coming at your It is a great tournament!! Lake Placid is proud to host these Lacrosse teams year after year.

So, beat the heat these next few weeks and head over to Lake Placid because there is an enormous array of events in store for the near future. Okay, time to strap on my miracle running shoes. So many places to be and little time to be there. Wish me luck!!! Goodbye everyone!

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Ironman is Right Around the Corner

Yes July is here, humidity is in the air, bicyclists, swimmers and runners are all abound!!  This can only mean one thing!!  The 13th Annual Ironman is headed back to Lake Placid, NY.  RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER is live at the Olympic Speedskating Oval where in just a few days this area will been transformed for this long and exciting race.  Transition tents and vendors from all over the US will be ascending in the area and gearing up for an exciting Sunday.  They sell all kinds of great souvenirs and items for an amazing event!!  All of us in this area are gladly looking forward to have all of the athletes and their families back in Lake Placid for this event.

For those of you who do not know what the Ironman is all about. Well, let me tell you it is a race that you will soon not forget (especially for all the brave souls who partake in it). You start off in Mirror Lake at 7am for the sound of the gun. Then like a flock of geese the lake is submerged with swimmers who will swim 2.5 miles. Then out of the water and time to hit the bicycle for the 112 mile bike ride through the Adirondack Mountains. If this was not enough after the bike portion, it is off for run of 26 miles, yes a full marathon. (WHEW! I am tired just speaking of it..hehe). The best part of this race is standing at the finish line and seeing the expressions of all these souls faces after this long and grueling course. During this whole race there are plenty of supporters and spectators willing these athletes to a most satisfying finish!!!

Mark your calendars for Sunday July 24th, 2011 and make your way to LP to support this great event and the participants. Hop in that car now so you will be hear for this Sunday. (I know it is still over a week and a few days away, but why miss out on the area)  Plus you would get to see little ole me at the Golden Arrow…*smiles*  It is great feeling that you will not want to miss. Hey, feel free to volunteer while you around, the Lake Placid village could use all the support from everyone! For further info about the Ironman please stop into the resort and remember this is the qualifier for the Hawaii Ironman. Good Luck to all the tri-athletes and I will be out there with the cow bell a ringing!!! Get your rest as you will need it!!!

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Orchestra in the Adirondacks


Want to get away for a romantic evening with that special someone in your life?  Do you have an ear for lovely contemporary or classical music?  Then, Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow is the place to be during the summer season.  The LAKE PLACID SINFONIETTA has organized a series of concerts that will thrill any music lover.  Enjoy a lovely night of music at the Lake Placid Center for the Arts.  The intimate theater of the Lake Placid Center is an excellent place to relax and enjoy this professional chamber orchestra comprised of some of the top musicians from around the country.  Your gal of deals here, MS. DEAL MAKER, loves great music and enjoying that time with the one that I so adore (ahhh…MR. FIX-IT by the candlelight listening to music).  Now, you can as well, by turning any guest room that you have reserved at the Golden Arrow to a night of music!!

How do you do this you may ask?  Patience my lovelies, Patience!!  I have come up with the perfect romantic or even just a great time with friends Add on Package that will tune in that great ear for music.  For an additional $60 per person added on to any room type for one evening, you can enjoy a delicious dinner at our very own GENERATIONS RESTAURANT.  Please say hi to our very own Chef Dave Hunt and Ms. Oh! La! La! Madame Cuisine.  Then, head over to the Lake Placid Center for the Arts with your tickets to the Sinfonietta concert.  These concerts will take place on Sunday July 10th, 17th, 24th and 31st.  Then in the month of August they will finish up their summer series on Saturday August 6th and the 13th.  Plenty of time to pick a weekend and add on this musical package and enjoy a great concert.  If you already have a reservation for one of these dates then just ask any of the great associates at the resort to add this package to your room.  They are eager to take your call.

Ahhh!!!  A romantic evening at Generations with Mr. Fix-It sounds great.  Then, he can woo my heart with some great orchestral music.  What more could a gal ask for right?  As, I work on my man.  You work on that special loved on and head up to Lake Placid this summer for some great food, wine and music.  You will be glad you did!!

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Summer is HOT HOT HOT!! Smelling Good!!


COOKING UP SOME SUMMER FUN!! 1logo_bbqSummer is heating up in Lake Placid, New York.  The first day of summer has passed and things are about to swelter on in to the beautiful Adirondacks.  So, I ask you!  What do BBQ Food, Horses and Riders and Fireworks have in common? It has to be almost 4th of July time in Lake Placid!  That is right!  Time to break out the ole barbeque grills (I have enjoyed delicious BBQ’s about four times me some ribs)  and enjoy the great tastes of a BBQ! Speaking of which it is a great time to mention the 6th Annual I LOVE BBQ FESTIVAL held over the fourth of July weekend.  OHHHH!!!  LA! LA!! MADAME CUISINE grilling up some great flavors for you on my grill!  Also, would like to mention about the festival of great food that will be grilled up in Lake Placid.  This festival will be held July 1st through the 3rd.  (I cannot wait to taste all this great food….DELICIOUS!!). What is this festival all about? Well, let me tell you!


This festival will be featuring music, kid’s rides, food demonstrations and a professional barbecue competiton sanctioned by Kansas City Barbecue Society!  This competition brings in some of the best culinary BBQ talents in the nation. Including our very own Madame Cuisine!  What makes it even better is that the money raised by this event helps to fund the SHIPMAN YOUTH CENTER which is a local recreation center for Lake Placid’s Youth.

After you fill your belly on some great food.  Why not head over to the Horseshow Grounds where some great competition is taking place. THE LAKE PLACID HORSESHOW is taking place over the July 1st weekend.  See Equestrians from all over the world competing for large cash prizes. It is a show not to miss. Then on the 4th of July line up on Main street for the annual 4th of July Parade around 6pm in the evening. Who knows you may even see Santa Claus from the North Pole? (Yes, he does visit in the summer and loves July 4th). Then at dusk sit down at our beach or at the public beach on Mirror Lake to see the sky light up. Children and adults alike will see a grand display of fireworks set to music to cap off a great 4th of July 2011 (you will be in awe of the light spectacle…no shades please..hehe).

So, what are you waiting for head to LP this coming 4th of July weekend. Your family will thank you for years to come. Well, talking about all this food has made me hungry to fire up the grill! Have a great Summer season everyone!!!!

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Summer Heat has arrived!!


If you have looked or stepped outside in the past few days, you are well aware that the hot hot hot days of summer has begun.  The temperatures have reached in the 80′s the last few days and the humidity has been very balmy.  RICH YOUR NEWS AND SPORTSCASTER for the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is sitting out on one of our nice blue chaises on the beautiful raked white sanded beach made of crushed white limestone.  (sipping my delicious margarita…shhh…dont tell anyone)  The sun has been brightly shining and I keep wondering where is everybody on this nice day?  I just saw a few individuals swimming with their wetsuits training for the Ironman.  Such, great will power they have to train and race in that long and grueling adventure.  A young child splashing around in the water…how sweet.  There goes one of our complimentary paddleboats and a kayak headed out on this beautiful clear Mirror Lake.  Such a great feeling seeing all these individuals from all walks of life enjoying our beach and the lake.  *waving to MR. FIX-IT*  “Hey, there How is that new Haystack Suite on the beach level coming along?”  He is such a hard worker, I just got a nod and off he goes again.  As I am sitting here pondering, I would like to fill you in on a few things that are happening in the area throughout the month of June that may be of interest.

To kick off the next few weekends of events, we are having the LAKE PLACID MARATHON on Sunday June 12th.  Runners from all over the US and from Canada will arrive in Lake Placid this weekend and participate in this scenic and challenging Marathon race.  Yes, yours truly, will be at the starting line and running the Half Marathon.  Wish me the best of luck!!  Do not let that stop you from coming to town.  All weekend you will see all kinds of motorcycles stopping in town on their way to the Americade in Lake George, NY.  Great time to check out on Main street all the different types of motorcyles.  Children love it!!!  If this weekend would not be a great time to enjoy the summer weather and the events. 

Then, head on over for the weekend of June 16th through the 19th where the annual WILMINGTON WHITEFACE BIKE FEST will be taking place in Lake Placid and at the picturesque Whiteface Mountain.  Bicyclists will be trying their skills biking up the ever so steep Whiteface Mountain and the Memorial Highway.  This is a weekend long festival with races and other activites in the surronding areas.  The big event is on Sunday June 19th when the first ever LEADVILLE QUALIFIER BICYCLE RACE will happen in the area.  This is a qualifying race for the challenging Leadville 100 series in Colorado.  While you are down at Whiteface mountain stop in and talke to “Downhill Mike” where you can rent your own mountain bike and travel the trails of Whiteface Mountain.

Almost, done on this tan of mine, so better wrap this up.  Couple of great events in the area the next few weekends.  DO NOT FORGET the annual Figure skating competitions and the start of the Lake Placid Horseshow at the end of the month.  Bring your entire family to the Lake Placid and beat the heat with these events and relax the day away at our great private beach on the resort.  You will be glad you did!!  *touchs arm* OUCH!!  Uh oh, little too long in the sun.  Everyone have a great June and enjoy the summer!!

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Lake Placid Marathon is Back!!!


Hey all you athletes out there! Are your ready to run a marathon? No!?  Then how about a half marathon??  Come on, now it is not that bad!  Coming in little over a week Lake Placid is the place to be for such a race.  RICH YOUR SPORTSCASTER just back from my training run of 10 miles (phew hot one out there today) and I feel little tired but great.  Hold on let me grab a drink. AHHH!! Thats better. Okay, so as I was saying Lake Placid is the stop to be to watch some great athletes run their hearts out and feel a sense of accomplishment.

Lake Placid and the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is the host for the 2011 LAKE PLACID MARATHON. That is right! Lake Placid has their very own marathon that has been taking place for over 6 years now. Forget the Boston or the NYC Marathon, come on over to the Adirondacks and watch these atheltes run for themselves or some great charities. They will be participating in a full marathon of 26 miles or half marathon of 13.1 miles and you can cheer them on to the finish. (oh the dreaded hills at the end of the race before the finish) The race will be taking place this coming Sunday June 12th from the start of the race at 8AM until the finish by 2PM.  Many sports and runners magazines have rated the Lake Placid Marathon one of the top and challenging races in the United States.  With its many hills and scenic views it is definitely a fun and exhilirating race.  This will be my first year participating and just looking to finish this great race.

As you can see, we have a sporty quaint village that has some of the top rated races in the US. Stop into the Golden Arrow in the next few weeks and check out the great view we have of the lake and who knows you may be back next year to participate in the race! Well, time for me to hit the showers. Feeling a little tired after the run. Hope for sunny weather for race day and everyone have a great week!!!

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Revv up those Motorcycles!!!!

The weather has become the perfect temperature to wash and wipe down that motorcycle!!   Time to gas up the hog and get that group of friends together to bikecade through the Adirondacks.  Throw that special someone on the back of your Harley or whatever you drive (partial to the Harley myself..but Eh..I am just one person..hehe) and swing on over to Lake Placid, NY and the Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort.   Lake Placid is the perfect location to get those great picturesque views from your bike and I just love the sound of a motorcycle heading through the town.  The Golden Arrow Lakeside Resort is welcoming all of its motorcyle patrons to Lake Placid and we have ample and safe covered parking to keep that special bike out of the rain!!

Our very own gal of deals, MS DEAL-MAKER, would like to mention that the rates during this time of the year are a great way to save money in the wallet!!!  You can receive a Deluxe Guest room as low as $89 per night!!!  You can park your motorcycle after a long drive through the Adirondacks and relax in our comfy guest rooms.  Take a trip down to our indoor pool area and relax in our indoor heated pool, steam bath or Sauna or ease those muscles in one of our two hottubs!!  Looking for a great place to have a drink and a snack?  Try out the STRAIGHT SHOT LOUNGE attached to the resort where from 4 to 6pm you can enjoy their Happy Hour and snack on some wings or a light salad provided by our very own GENERATIONS RESTAURANT.  Great food at and affordable price.  Do not forget to check out the great golf courses in the area and the GOLF PACKAGES that the Golden Arrow has to offer!! 

Now is the time!!  Throw some items onto your motorcycle and enjoy the views of Lake Placid, NY.  Do not forget the Americade in Lake George, NY is just around the corner.  Break up the hustle and bustle of the rally and enjoy an evening at the Golden Arrow.  (All this talk about motorcycles, I need to save now to get me one)  Have a great rest of Spring and enjoy the Summer Season.  We look forward to welcoming each and everyone of our biker friends!!!

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